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About Me

Hi! I’m Akash Thakur. I’m a Chennai based Developer , Pentester, Speaker, Trainer and Cyber Security Enthusiast. Currently pursuing my bachelor degree in IT from SRM Univerisyt Chennai.I come from land of Gods Himachal Pradesh. I am a huge Python fan and love to do my all codes in Python apart from low level stuff :P

I’m currently working on Machine Learning applications in Cyber Security and often develop script/tools to automate my findings.

I also write about Cyber Security Stuff :D You can check out my blog

I also run a Youtube Channel on Computers and Internet Security



"Some of the best places to learn and gain a good experience"

Indian Institute Of Management Calcutta
National Institute of Technology
Human Made


  • I can talk in languages
      Python | C | C++ | Shell | Java | PHP | Javascript | Assembly | Matlab | Octave | R | Sql | Bash
  • Web skills
      HTML 5 | CSS | Js | Jquery | Bootstrap | MySql | Redis | MongoDB | Wordpress | Joomla | Drupal
      Framworks : Django | Flask | AngularJs |
  • Some of my most used cloud services
      AWS | Digital Ocean | Heroku
  • Security Skills
      Web Application Pentesting | Network Pentesting | Wireless Security | Automation | Reverse Engineering | Cryptography

  • Talks

    Learning , Sharing Knowledge and meeting new people.I've had the opportunity to share ideas at various events around the globe.

    Computer & Internet Security

        Level Infinite April 2017 Chennai

    Prototyping Search Engine

        NIT Kurukshetra Dec 2016 Haryana

    JS Obfuscation

        Null Chennai Chapter

    Onion Routing On Cloud

        Null Chennai Chapter

    Burp - An Overview

        Null Chennai Chapter

    Cyware Cyber Awareness Drive

        SRM Univ. Feb 2016


    "All of the codes are publicaly available on Github"

    System Behaviour Analysis
    CHATU - Smart Chatbot
    SRM Search Engine


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